Adventures in Kenya – Samburu National Park

Our first safari experience was to spend two days in Samburu National Park.  We were able to see so many animals in this beautiful park.  It was an amazing start to our week.

We came across some elephants as we drove through the park to our hotel on the first evening.


The next morning we found a lioness with three cubs lounging in the grass.Samburulioncubfb

This gravies zebra is a special species of zebra found in Samburu.  He was stunning!  SamburuGrevysZebralightfb

We had a great sighting of a herd of 100 elephants down my the river with the giraffe behind.Samburuelephantgirafferiverfb

We raced across the park to arrive in time to see this leopard hanging out in a tree.leopard3fb

We saw many Oryx hanging out on the plains of Samburusamburuoryx3fb

More beautiful elephants.samburuelephantandbabyfb

This is our tour group taking a little wine and cheese break.  We actually got out of the van, which was a little scary, but we had a guard with a rifle close by so I guess it was okay.  samburupicniccargroupfb

See more pictures from Samburu here:

More to come tomorrow…


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