Adventures in Kenya – The Ark

One of our experiences on our tour was to stay at a hotel called The Ark, which is located in the Aberdares Reserve.  It has a watering hole in the front and guests can watch the animals come and go all night long.  When you do go to sleep you can be assured that you won’t miss any interesting animals because the staff stand watch and ring the guests if something interesting happens in the middle of the night.  My sister and I were on our way to bed when we heard trumpeting outside so we went back down and watched the elephants who were playing in the water, trumpeting, splashing and having a party in the watering hole!  The rest ot the night was pretty quiet, but I did wake up early to see the sunrise over Mt. Kenya.

The Ark


a baby speckled mouse bird in treeThearkbabybirdtreefb

Trisha and I at the ArkThearktrishaandIfb

The watering hole at night with the elephants walking into the waterThearkwateringholefb \

Sunrise over Mt. KenyaThearkmtkenyamorningfb

Morning cape buffalo and bush buckthearkbuffalobushbuckfb

Morning bush buck with friends


You can see more pictures from The Ark here:


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