Snapshots of Paris

Beautiful Paris!  The old narrow streets, gelato, crepes and accordian players.  Bridges over the Seine weighed down with thousands of locks that represent unbreakable love.  The wonderful spiritual history and inspiring churches.  The Eiffel Tower that magically sparkles every hour in the night.  As Audrey Hepburn said, ” Paris is always a good idea.”

doorwaybwFB  onlockbridgebwFB

accordianplayersbwFB painterbwFB streetsweepbwFBnarrowstreetbwFB notredameinsidebwFBeiffeltowershinesbwFB



7 thoughts on “Snapshots of Paris

  1. Dear Bonnie, These black and whites pictures are especially beautiful. I have enjoyed your other pictures as well. What a wonderful adventure you and Sarah had.

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