Big Zack

We spent the weekend in Boston with our best friends. Six years ago their oldest son, Zack, suffered a traumatic brain injury on the football field that changed his life and the life of their whole family. This weekend I photographed two events, the first was a ceremony acknowledging the loss and sadness everyone has experienced over the last six years as Zack has struggled to recover. The second was a birthday party, celebrating Zack’s 23rd birthday.

It really was a beautiful weekend filled with laughter and tears. Grieving for what has been lost and celebrating what is now. I don’t have the words to express the grief we have all felt over these years. It was so meaningful to come together as a community and acknowledge the pain and incredible loss that has been experienced by all who know Zack and who have walked side by side with his family through these years.

It was equally important for us to celebrate Zack and the amazing person that he is. Zack is connected to his savior, Jesus. He is filled with joy and falls asleep praying on his knees. Every time you are with him you feel like the most important person in the world as he gives you a giant bear hug and won’t let you go.

A few photos of the morning ceremony…

supporttableendFB IMG_3824FB IMG_3822FB IMG_3815FBcolor IMG_3797FBcolor

Photos of Zack with his family and friends at his birthday party…

IMG_3959FB IMG_4009FB IMG_3896FB IMG_4164FB

The McLeod family…mcleodfamboathouseFB

To read more of Zack’s story….


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