Monday Letters

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Dear Bed, thank you for your comfort and warmth.  I love to sleep under your fluffy down comforter with the windows letting in a cool breeze.  It was a little hard to leave you this morning, but I look forward to meeting again tonight.

Dear Cafe, thank you for providing a wonderful place to sing together and listen to an inspirational message on gratefulness.  I take these messages with me as I start a new week.

Dear Water, thank you for quenching my thirst.  I’m thankful that I can drink you straight out of the faucet.  You taste clean and refreshing and I can even make you sparkle with my new soda machine.  I also love how you calm down my bed head in the morning.

Dear husband, you are so kind and generous.  You make our lives work with how much you serve our family and how much you make us laugh.

Dear Kids, you were both sleepy this morning, it’s Monday.  But even if you are sleepy and a little grumpy, you still make me smile.  My heart soars when I give you a warm, sleepy hug.

Dear Monday, you are the beginning of a new week with new possibilities.  I have a new choices to make, new conversations to have and new small adventures to embark on.  May I walk forward in gratefulness and hope.


These letters are inspired by Rosy’s Sunday Letters on her blog A Joyful Kind of Life.  I have liked hers so much, she told me I should try it too!  I missed writing it on Sunday this week, so Monday it is!  





One thought on “Monday Letters

  1. Love your Monday Letters! There is something so inspiring about appreciating the ordinary. These letters are also a great way to express some kind of creative writing! I look forward to reading these every week 🙂


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