Playing with light

I finally took my camera out yesterday morning for some shots.  I have been admiring the soft early morning light and enjoyed trying to capture it in some images.  I have been reading “Culture Care” by Makoto Fujimura and in it he describes the gratuitous nature of beauty.  “Beauty points beyond itself, beyond survival to satisfaction.  We think of it in opposition to narrowness, scarcity, drudgery and constraint.  We think instead of what is expansive, generous, abundant, connected and expressive.  Beauty also connects us with the why of living.  It points to discoveries waiting to be made about the creation.  It points toward questions of right relationships, of ultimate meaning, and even eternity.  It points backward and outward and forward to our ultimate Source and Sustainer.”treessunFBpinklightFB raindropbenchFB palmmagsunFB magandpalmFB


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