Fun Teen Birthday Party

My daughter recently turned 14 and she planned a birthday party filled with color.  It started with the girls throwing balloons filled with paint at an art canvas to create a picture together.  Then we headed across the street to the park for some great fun.  I ordered Holi Powder and the girls set up interesting photos and then had a giant fight.  Color filled the air and all of their faces.  After that we set up the game Twister with shaving cream on the circles.  The Twister game didn’t last long as it turned into a huge shaving cream fight.  The girls were covered with color and shaving cream so everyone had to rinse off before going on a scavenger hunt, eating cake and ice cream and snuggling up to watch a movie.  I highly recommend this teen party if you don’t mind lots of laughing, screaming and a giant mess….oh, and epic memories!



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