March Month in Photos


Highlights from March…

The world has changed.  I was planning on flying to Italy for a photo show for the International Women’s Day, but instead jumped off the plane in Portugal skipping my flight to Rome.  Things in Italy were escalating as the Covid-19 virus took hold.  My show was cancelled along with the rest of my travel.  I was supposed to continue on to India but instead booked a flight home to California.  Now, like everyone else around the world, we are sheltered in place.  We are figuring out how to work and do school online and take walks in remote places with just our family.  We have taken up a family game of hacky sack in the evenings and have started eating ice cream sandwiches (uh oh).  We pray for those that are hurting the most and try to help our neighbors.  Thankfully we are all healthy and finding our way in this new reality.  Peace to all.


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