January Month in Photos

Highlights from January…

First SF Transform artist residency in the Mission District

Building a climbing wall for an art show

Setting up my installation, “Headspace”

Renewal art show…over 250 people came!

Spud visiting SoCal and seeing the daughter

A new (to us) car!

The adventure continues…


December Month in Photos

Highlights from December…

Not a highlight…RIP Honda Pilot after getting hit by a person who ran a red light…thankfully no injuries.

Everyone home for Christmas!

Star wars, Santa hats and couch snuggles

Annual trip to Christmas Tree Lane with family friends

Grandparents in Palo Alto!!!

Bill’s 90th birthday

The adventure continues…

November Month in Photos

Highlights from November…

Time in Guatemala building homes and telling stories with my camera

Our college student turning 20

A Lake Tahoe Thanksgiving with good friends and family

Hot chocolate on the dock by the lake in the morning…yes!

The adventure continues….

October Month in Photos

Highlights from October…

Wyoming in the fall…sunrise over the Tetons, hike with Dad, the beauty of nature

Team meet up in Chicago

Breakfast with Bill in the East Bay

Couch time

Visiting SoCal and saying hi to our college sophomore

The adventure continues….

September Month in Photos

Highlights from September…

Amazing Alaskan Cruise with my family

Whale watching, glaciers calving, beautiful sunsets and great food every night

Team meet up in Santa Barbara which included kayaking and paddle boarding

Hanging out with my college children in Newport Beach

The adventure continues….

August Month in Photos

Highlights from August…

2 weeks with our college daughter at home before she launched off to her sophomore year

Celebrating our son’s 2nd birthday because he wrote it on the calendar

Beach day and walking with friends

Dressing up and enjoying a friends wedding

The adventure continues….

July Month in Photos

Highlights from July…

Our Paris apartment…perfect place to quarantine when you have to…my daughter bringing me chocolate croissants.

My husband and son took a quick trip to Ghana to debrief our summer project

The sparkling Eiffel Tower

Seeing the new baby in the family

Spending time in Wyoming after our big Milwaukee conference

Coming home after 5 weeks of travel!

The adventure continues….

June Month in Photos

Highlights from June…

Friends visit from Biola

A new nerf gun that shoot balls for our dog Luna

The daughter gets to travel in France and Italy with her bestie

Driving around Iceland staying to ourselves because of Covid 😦

That waterfall!

The adventure continues….

May month in Photos

Highlights from May…

My son’s graduation from college! Congrats!

Spending time celebrating with the Grandparents and our family in Bakersfield

Lunch in the East Bay with cousin Bill, complete with a tiny cherry pie!

Celebrating my Mom’s birthday with so many candles on her cake

Bay area artist meet up in the City

The adventure continues….

April Month in Photos

Highlights from April…

My new grand nephew is born!

My cousin got married on the beautiful Oregon coast

My husband spent time in Ghana setting up our project there

My college students love hanging out together in LA

The adventure continues….