Sanders Summer Camp

Every summer we have a summer theme at our house.  When my kids were little our themes were more elaborate (scroll down in the family section if you want to see some of our past themes), but now it’s more inspiration and ideas to make your summer more rich and meaningful.  Here are the last two summer themes that we have done.  Maybe it will give you some new ideas as school ends and the summer months begin.

Summer 2019


Summer 2018

2018 SandersSummerCamp




May Month in Photos


Highlights from May…

Our daughter making “State Team” and representing NorCal at regionals in San Diego.

Her last meet with her coach, Loren, who has been with her since she was little.

Good friends and teammates.

Our son finishing his first year of college and coming home for the summer!

Pink flamingo floatie’s, San Diego beaches and warm weather ahead.

The adventure continues….

April Month in Photos

April2019smallHighlights from April…

My Sisters tour of Oregon and California visiting family

Family joining us for our daughters State gymnastics meet

Testing out new Sony camera equipment

Coloring Easter eggs with Nonna

Celebrating Easter with friends who have an adorable baby

The adventures continues….

March Month in Photos


Highlights from March…

Dad and son twinning over Spring Break

Celebrating our daughters gymnastics season

Trip to Cuba

–providing water filters to families in need

–meeting lots of new, amazing friends

–learning about a new place

–stepping back in time with the old cars!

The adventure continues….

Clean Water in Cuba

I just returned from spending time in Cuba with an organization called Filter of Hope.  We took teams of college students to Cuba for their spring breaks and spent time in Havana giving out water filters to families in need.  We worked with local churches and spent time in people’s homes.  One community we spent time in really captured my heart.  I thought I’d share a few photos from the Indaya community.  My daughter Sarah made a best friend in little Maria Abigail.


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February Month in Photos


Highlights from February…

Spending my birthday at Disneyland with good friends and my college boy

Our son turning 19 and celebrating in Cayucos

My Dad and Sherry joining us for a fun beach weekend

Having nice down time as a family

Lots of writing and photography

Lots of gymnastics weekends

The adventure continues….

January Month in Photos


Highlights from January…

My daughter started the year with a gorgeous piece of chalk art

Our son dropped his 2nd album on Soundcloud called Airborne

A new gymnastics season is underway

My husband spoke to hundreds of college students at the Winter Conference

My photography is hanging at the Cafe and was displayed at the Winter Conference

A new year begins and I’m trying to catch up

The adventure continues….



December month in photos

december 2018 small

Highlights from December…

It was so nice to be home for Christmas this year! We enjoyed all of our traditions…

Walking Christmas tree lane with friends

Seeing Cirque Du Sole in San Francisco

Church on Christmas eve and visiting Bethlehem AD

Christmas trees, Christmas cookies, peanut butter candy, cinnamon rolls and Santa hats

Mom joining us for Christmas

Our son coming home from his Freshman year of college

The adventure  continues….


November Month in Photos

November2018smallHighlights from November…

Traveling to India again – what a long flight!

Taking my daughter with me and visiting the House of Light

Stopping in Thailand for the lantern festival and to celebrate my daughters 16th birthday

Riding elephants!

Family Face Time – talking to our son at college while all hanging out in his room

Husband and son spending Thanksgiving together with family and going to the Stanford football game with friends.

The adventure continues….

October Month in Photos

October2018smallHighlights from October…

High school homecoming week- Air bands was amazing!

High school homecoming dance – Sophomore year

Visiting our son at college in LA – scootering on the beach is so fun!

Adobe Max conference in LA – learning new photography skills

My husband traveling to Stanford football games to lead the chapels for the team

Zac coming home for a visit and laying on our big couch – it’s the little things in life.

The adventure continues….