July Month in Photos

Highlights from July…

Good friends coming to visit

Picking out candy at Mac’s

A wonderful art show with Bay Area artists

Wyoming once again…gathering with family and enjoying the beauty and magic of the Tetons

The adventure continues….

June Month in Photos

Highlights from June…

High school graduation!!!! Congrats to our graduate!

Prom!!!! Took place after graduation, how crazy is that?

Celebrating good friends and family!

Grateful to celebrate in person, after a whole senior year online.

The adventure continues….

May Month in Photos

Highlights from May…

Prom photos in San Francisco

College decision party in Tahoe…yay! Chapman!

Our daughter winning Regionals…her first and last meet for her senior year!

Saying goodbye to good friends

Zooming with our son in LA

The adventure continues….

April Month in Photos

Highlights from April…

A great road trip to LA to visit Chapman University and see friends and family

Being back together as a family again…all is right in the world 🙂

Daughter’s college decision for next year…Go Panthers!

Playing Pétanque with family and a “normal” dinner with friends…we went inside their house!

Coloring Easter eggs

The adventure continues….

March Month in Photos

Highlights from March…

Wonderful trip to Bend, OR…spent time with good friends, hiking, caving, ice skating and skiing

Visiting Nonna and getting our second vaccine!

Our college student getting to see his Grandma and Grandpa after a whole year (yay for the vaccine again!)

Our Aunt and Uncle visiting from Montana. Of course we headed to the beach to dip our toes in the ocean

Our daughter going back to in-person/zoom school for her senior year one day a week

Things are looking up and the adventure continues….

February Month in Photos

Highlights from February…

Having Shandra visit for my birthday and make a beautiful cake.

4th week in Tahoe for our senior…this time lots of snow and skiing!

Birthday beach getaway.

Toasting our 21 year old over zoom…Happy Birthday!

Party vaccine car!

The adventure continues….

2020 Sanders Fam

In the recent years I have enjoyed using the 1 second video app to capture little moments in our year. Even though 2020 was a really hard year, there are so many little moments of happiness throughout. When you put these moments together with a meaningful song, the year looks pretty amazing. It is a good reminder to savor the moments of this remarkable life.

December Month in Photos


Highlights from December…

Giant Hippity Hops (enough said)

Gymnastics outside (let’s get creative!)

Mom’s visit

Small Christmas fun with our bubble friends

Celebrating our 30th anniversary at the beach

Happy New Year! May 2021 bring hope and healing.

The adventure continues….