May Month in Photos


Highlights from May…

Spending time with all of our regional leaders as we celebrate our time serving together in the Pacific Southwest Region

Traveling to Michigan for my nephews graduation from high school, Mother’s Day and my Mom’s 80th birthday

Going across the street after dinner, throwing the ball for Luna, playing catch with the football and creating incredible chalk art all while the sun is going down

Celebrating the end of the school year.  Junior year completed for Zac and Sarah’s completion of 8th grade and promotion ceremony to a Freshman in high school

The launch of summer…more relaxing days ahead.

The adventure continues….

April Month in Photos


I’m way behind in my Month in photos, but now that schools out I’m trying to catch up…

Highlights from April…

Taking Zac on a college tour of LA film schools and of course taking a nice walk at Laguna Beach since we were down that way

Sarah’s school trip to Washington DC for spring break

Back to LA for Sarah’s regional gymnastics competition and spending time with Grandparents in Pasadena

My Mom’s visit and going with her to a family memorial to celebrate my Great Aunt Elsie’s life

Grandpa Joe’s visit to the Bay Area and spending time with him (hug em’ and mug em’)

Easter Day celebrating Jesus’ resurrection from the dead and this amazing life of faith we walk in each day.

The adventure continues….

March Month in Photos

March2017smallHighlights from March….

Zac’s full feature film that he helped to create with a team of teenagers and the Franco family premiered in Redwood City at the Century Theatre…very cool moment for him!

Sarah had another great performance at her state gymnastics meet, qualifying for the regional championships in April

Spud holding down the fort and sending in another book proposal while I traveled for most of the month.

My return trip to India was amazing.  We had fun throwing a birthday party for all of the girls at the House of Light (

The adventure continues….



February Month in Photos


Highlights from February…

The birthday boy turned 17

I also had a birthday and let’s just say I’m not 50 yet!

Gymnastics season is in full swing

All the rain made for really wonderful, green hills on our drive to Cayucos

Had another wonderful family retreat in Cayucos even with the cold and rainy weather

The adventure continues….


January Month in Photos

january2017smallHighlights from January…

A new gymnastics season begins.

New paint in the kids bedrooms…looks amazing!

Spending time in wine country while planning for my next trip to India

Happy 2017

The adventure continues….

West Wind Wines

I spent a couple of days at a friends winery this week.  I enjoyed rain with a mix of sunshine, beautiful hills and a few rainbows along the way.  Here’s my favorite photo from my time there.


Nicasio, California

December Month in Photos

december2016smallHighlights from December…

Lots of fun Christmas traditions…almost all of them involving food

Christmas tree lane with friends

Big snow in Wyoming, which made for a very white Christmas

Our dog, Luna, playing in the snow for the first time…she loved it

Celebrating Jesus’ birthday and enjoying wonderful time with family

The adventure continues….


Fun Teen Birthday Party

My daughter recently turned 14 and she planned a birthday party filled with color.  It started with the girls throwing balloons filled with paint at an art canvas to create a picture together.  Then we headed across the street to the park for some great fun.  I ordered Holi Powder and the girls set up interesting photos and then had a giant fight.  Color filled the air and all of their faces.  After that we set up the game Twister with shaving cream on the circles.  The Twister game didn’t last long as it turned into a huge shaving cream fight.  The girls were covered with color and shaving cream so everyone had to rinse off before going on a scavenger hunt, eating cake and ice cream and snuggling up to watch a movie.  I highly recommend this teen party if you don’t mind lots of laughing, screaming and a giant mess….oh, and epic memories!