June 2014 Month in Photos

June2014smallHighlights from June…

Sabbatical week in the San Juan Islands

Watching the Orcas swim by every day

Reading, art, photography,running, tennis, basketball, biking, hiking and beach combing

Visiting friends and family in Oregon and Washington

Visits with grandmothers, Mei Mei and Nonna

Creating a stepping stone for our pet, Benny, who died on June 6th

Our first Sunday water fight of the summer

The adventure continues….


Orcas in the wild

Our favorite part of staying in the San Juan Islands was watching for whales!  We were very fortunate to stay in a place where they swam by almost every day.  Here are some of my favorite pictures taken from the shore.

whalemountainsfb orcabreachfb orcablowfb orcaboatfb orcaclosefb whalelighthousefb

orca2fb orca3fb



May 2014 Month in Photos


Highlights from May…

Zac’s 8th grade promotion ceremony

Sarah’s 5th grade promotion ceremony

Garden photo shoot with Sarah and Spud

Zac getting a 5:33 mile time at sectionals

Beach day, pool parties, end of the year celebrations

The adventure continues….

Hide and Seek

I had fun yesterday taking pictures of my husband and daughter playing in a garden.  It captures the images that God has given me over the years of His playful and loving nature toward me as His daughter.

sarahrunpathbwsoftlinenfb sarahfindhidingspotbwsoftfb spudlooksarahcropbwsoftfbsarahhuglookbwsoftfb sarahspudholdhandsbwfb


April 2014 Month in Photos


Highlights from April…

Zac getting baptized on Easter morning

Easter celebration…coloring eggs, hunting for eggs, giant bubbles, dinner with friends

Benny, our pet rat, returning to health after almost certain death

Sarah ripsticking around our house in her Easter dress

Zac running track….getting his best mile time so far…5:41

The adventure continues….


Painting with photography

Recently I went to a Georgia O’Keefe exhibit and was inspired by how she zoomed in on flowers to the point where her paintings were vibrant abstract colors.  I decided I would try to experiment with some macro photography with her style in mind.  I photographed some plants and flowers and enjoyed zooming in close and seeing the amazing colors that emerged.orangeleafFB plantcloseFB redorangeflowerFB


Snapshots of Paris

Beautiful Paris!  The old narrow streets, gelato, crepes and accordian players.  Bridges over the Seine weighed down with thousands of locks that represent unbreakable love.  The wonderful spiritual history and inspiring churches.  The Eiffel Tower that magically sparkles every hour in the night.  As Audrey Hepburn said, ” Paris is always a good idea.”

doorwaybwFB  onlockbridgebwFB

accordianplayersbwFB painterbwFB streetsweepbwFBnarrowstreetbwFB notredameinsidebwFBeiffeltowershinesbwFB


Flying High

I spent some time with friends in London this last week.  This is their baby flying high over Buckingham Palace.  Entertainment while waiting for the changing of the guard.  This moment just makes me smile…